April 2022

Blessing Power

Discover blessing power that you can experience and activate! This has been working for me all week. Listen now or watch below. What would you like to bless today? Person, place, or thing? Whatever it is, blessing things can bring blessings to you. Watch or listen to the full message and contact me with your …

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Dealing With Exclusion

This weekend I saw the Ambercrombie and Fitch Documentary that highlighted their highly exclusive system of marketing, hiring, and scheduling. It got me thinking about how we still fight this fight today, and it made me want to share a more powerful way to react to exclusion when it happens. Being excluded hurts. Yet we …

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In this week’s episode of my radio show turned podcast, “Invite God In”, I shared four things you can do now and any time to experience more of God immediately. These truly life-changing methods are not only easy to do but can be quite fun especially once you start experiencing the benefits. There is also …


When it’s hard to ask for help

If the thought of asking for help immediately makes you uneasy, this conversation is for you. While discussing this topic today, during my live broadcast, a number of folks immediately messaged the studio and identified with the truth that asking for help is hard. Join me and discover how to feel better about getting help. …

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Are we welcoming?

There are so many different levels to this. Levels that are foreign to us because of our modern way of life. Join me to explore the different states of being welcoming and how this impacts our relationship and experience of God. Discover the obvious yet rarely admitted truth about our humanity and uncover the imperative …

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Do you know your score?

It’s easy to be busy but how effective are we being? Today’s broadcast of my radio show turned podcast, “ALLSWELL Lifestyle,” was about exactly that. I shared a few simple yet powerful tips on how we can be most effective in achieving our goals. I also did something I NEVER do. Listen to the episode …

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