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We’ve all heard it’s important to stay hydrated. Yet it’s hard to fully realize how important it is. After all, we seem to be living just fine without going out of our way to drink water. Truth is, drinking water hydrates us down to the cellular level and can help us with so many basic bodily functions that can often be running at a deficit. What does this mean? Even if you are not realizing it, You can and probably will benefit from taking time to drink water throughout your day. 

Here is how to drink more water easily:
I have found that having a water bottle makes it really easy for me to drink water throughout the day because it’s always with me.
It helps me keep the kind of water I want to drink handy.
It prevents me from getting thirsty and reaching for random drinks.
It helps establish this healthy habit because it’s easy to make a game out of drinking water.
Simply set a goal of how many bottles of water you want to drink per day and the water bottle will make it easy to measure your progress.

There are a lot of benefits to drinking water and I have deeply benefitted from this practice. But I’m also a personal development and wellness coach that makes transformation easy so you know what I have to share is going to take care of a number of things. This is why I’m so happy to introduce this to you. 

Introducing The Wholeness Water Bottle from my ALLSWELL Lifestyle collection!  It can help you stay hydrated and stay positive. It is emblazoned on both sides with one powerful largely printed affirmation that is easy to see and feel at a glance. It’s stainless steel, vacuum sealed, and double insulated. It has a wide mouth for easy drinking, washing, fruit infusing, and ice adding too. 

You know what else? When you purchase this water bottle you support my small business and help me support women around the world. 🎉 Support yourself in cultivating a healthy habit or spruce up your current water drinking situation with the Wholeness Water Bottle. You can find it at allswelllifestyle.com My name is Teemaree. I make transformation easy with products, practices, and coaching. For more information on me and all I have to offer, please browse my website teemaree.com

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Teemaree is a an author, coach, speaker, healer, and artist that specializes in helping people live their best lives.


We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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