When you feel like you’re lacking, you think that everyone else has it all figured out.

Take it from me. They don’t.
That’s what I know to be true.

Oh yeah, this is an About Me page…

Here are some things you’re probably wondering about me

“Who are you?”

I’m a life coach with over 25 years of experience, an author of four books to date, and a wellness business owner. I help people own their strengths and talents so they can feel like their truest selves and have what they want out of life.

“What do you do?”

I provide provide information, support, accountability, encouragement, and resources to help you have breakthroughs in your life, health, business, and spirituality. I do this by providing one on one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, personal development products, books, and a personal growth community.

“Why should I stay connected with you?”

Connecting with me will provide you with support to live the life you want to live and be the version of yourself you dream about.

Whether you want to find your true self again (been there), recreate yourself (done that), or have back up to build the dream you you’re already working on (so important) Know this – you’re home.

“How do I know your coaching is the right fit for me?”

If having access to regular support for your success in fun ways and at incredible prices sounds good to you, if you’d like to feel empowered, encouraged, and seen, if you want proven results delivered to you in a way that is manageable to take action on, and if you like the thought of being able to access your coach from anywhere you are in the world, I’m the coach for you. Woohoo!!

“Is it true …… you’ve succeeded in four industries?”

Yes. I’ve been in hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and personal development. I rose to success in each from the very bottom. 

Why? Straight up, I needed to make something out of nothing, live a great life, and feel free being me. 

“How come thousands of people come to you?”

A lot of people want to know how to make dreams a reality, how to live life on their terms, how to enjoy the moment, how to be who they really want to be, how to express their talents, and how to succeed in new ways. That’s where I come in.

My clients appreciate that I share with love, transparency, and proven life changing information. My clients love the results they get, the way they feel, and the new things they get to do once they work with me. 

Official Bio

Teemaree is the Best Life Coach. She helps people experience their own brand of personal freedom. 

She is also the author of four books: 10 Ways to Move From Fear to Faith, Love For You Now, the Love For You Now Coloring Book, and Invite God In. Her 4th book debuted as an Amazon Best Seller in August of 2020. 

In the 25+ years Teemaree has been coaching people, she has also developed personal development, wellness, and spiritual products to ensure that anyone who wants to live a better life, can. She is also the founder of an online personal development community. Her work reaches thousands around the world.

She is from Los Angeles, California and for fun, decided to move to Detroit, Michigan, where she now lives with her husband of 23 years, Tony.

Her mission is to convey that:

“We are deeply loved. Anything is possible.
We can all live our best lives NOW.”
– Teemaree 

Wanna know more about me?

10 fun facts

1. I appreciate cemeteries for their peace and beauty. They also remind me that everything is temporary.

2. I’ve jumped out of a plane, ridden in a helicopter, done a mud run, swam in a sinkhole, and gone zip lining. But, I also scream at scary things that pop out in movies and TV.

3. After watching too much HGTV I decided I wanted to live in a tiny home. So I convinced my husband, got rid of everything, and lived in 250 square feet for four years to make our dreams come true.

4. I like things really clean. When I didn’t have much it used to make me feel free and luxurious and it still does.

5. I regularly marvel at nature and its beauty but make sure my household plants are fake. You never know when I’ll live in another state for a few months!

6. I’ve succeeded in four industries without a college education. Heck, I didn’t finish high school. I know, you don’t need a formal education to succeed.

7. I’m a hands-up, front row, roller coaster rider and I often wonder why most fun things are just for kids. When I still get on everything anyway, I have additional fun by watching people’s reactions to me (it’s usually inspiration!) 

8. Ever since I was little I experienced pressure to maintain a certain look as a female. It sucked. Now, I have shaved my head, rocked men’s clothing, and still dress predominately casual. Even on stage. I deeply believe the best fashion is the look that make us feel amazing and that the best style is whatever’s truest to each of us.

9. Even though I’m a high achiever I love TV and watch hours of it. I especially love picking a series and watching it until it’s done. In the evenings after dinner there’s a whole ritual we have around getting cozy and watching our new favorite thing. 

10. I used to feel embarrassed to ask questions and scared to speak up in big business negotiations. Now, that I’ve gotten over that, I’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate negotiations and earned ten times more in business by getting over my fear, being bold in my ask, and confident in my approach. 


Wanna live life like that?

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Now for a little about what I know – ABOUT YOU

  • You want your life to make a big difference
  • You know your life’s mission is important
  • You want to believe your lifelong dream is attainable
  • You’re tired of worrying about what other people think
  • You’re ready to live life as the full you

Did I get it right? 

Then here are 2 options for you to start stepping into your vision:

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My one one one and group coaching options make sure you are never left without!

What good will you report?

You really gave me a life line. Thank you so much!
Alan K.
Coaching Client
I finally went after my dream of directing!
Lakisha L.
Coaching Client
You helped me make changes that made me a better person
Tyler S.
Coaching Client

One last thing – about what we do together

Every time you do business of any kind with me, we empower women around the world with a portion of the revenue that is generated. This happens through micro loans that give small business owners access to help they wouldn’t get otherwise. Thank you for bettering yourself with my coaching, products, and books, and thank you for being a part of greater good in the world. For more about this, click here

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We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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