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Teemaree Affiliate Compensation Disclosure
Last Updated Date: January 1, 2022

The most important thing to us is your trust. We are making this Affiliate Compensation Disclosure available to you for the purpose of disclosing financial relationships that Teemaree (“Teemaree“, “us“, “we“) may have with certain affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, and other parties that may appear on the Teemaree website at, including any mobile versions of our website, and our social media channels (collectively, “Site”).

At this time we do not receive any prepaid monetary compensation for recommendations, posts, referrals, or resources we provide. However, when and if we receive paid sponsorships and promotions, the information we provide will always be based on our true experience with the promoted service, experience, or product. Please know, now and in the future, it is our aim to always provide you with authentic recommendations. Our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences as they relate to the products and services that are featured on the Site.  

Therefore, we want to inform you that sometime in the future Teemaree may sell and receive monetary and other forms of compensation from affiliates for various advertising, sponsorships, insertion orders, and promotional campaigns that we feature on the Site. In other words, sometime there may be a paid connection between a product or service mentioned, reviewed or recommended on this Site and the affiliate (i.e., the owner of that third party product or service). If you ultimately decide to purchase a product or service mentioned on the Site, we may receive additional compensation from that purchase from the affiliate.

Further, we may post or otherwise promote content, including editorial content, which may feature third party products and services (the “Affiliate Products”) and which may link to third party owned and operated web sites where you can purchase Affiliate Products. Any time that you click on a link to an Affiliate’s Product on the Site and then follow the link to purchase an Affiliate Product on the affiliate’s web site, Teemaree will receive compensation from the affiliate offering the Affiliate Product. The content featuring Affiliate Product(s) may not always be identified on the Site as paid or sponsored content. 

Even though we may receive compensation in connection with our feature of certain products or services and/or your purchase of Affiliate Products as outlined in this Affiliate Compensation Disclosure, we commit to providing our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences as they relate to the products and services that are featured on the Site. 

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