Easy spiritual books to change and be powerful


Pray with power, increase your faith, and see results from your prayers.

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Relaxation, empowerment, happiness. Easy pictures to color and affirmative statements.

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Experience and express love with or without a relationship. Photos and affirmations can be used four ways. In paperback and Kindle format.

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Quick read. Powerful experience. Includes affirmation cards to print and enjoy daily.

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Power Bundle

Set yourself up for success with my Power Bundle. Get all of my books along with a note of encouragement. Move from fear to faith, increase love for yourself and others, relax by coloring, and foster the belief in your good being manifest with prayer. This amazing value also includes shipping. * U.S. orders only. 

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Autographed copies are now available for a limited time. Receive a personalized message and signature with the book you choose. Just select your book and receive! Shipping is included. 

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Autographed Books

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Remember, these are easy spiritual books to change and be powerful. What does that mean? You can enjoy transformation amidst your busy schedule, existing commitments, and other obligations. You can see that big change doesn’t have to be hard or heavy. For spiritual beginners and those seeking playful spiritual practice. If you are busy, striving for something more, and wanting a gentle but powerfully fun approach, you will enjoy my method. “Transformation made easy through joy.” ™️

Invite God In: Prayers to Have Faith and Experience Life Changes

Love For You Now Coloring Book

Love For You Now: Focus on Love and Change Your Life

10 Ways to Move From Fear to Faith