Hello, I’m Teemaree. Welcome to my coaching page. I’m passionate about serving you and want you to feel comfortable. Read on for a little bit about what you can expect and how I can help.

  • Get you where you want to be faster.
  • Keep you in your peak zone longer.
  • Identify what you can’t see.
  • Get rid of what is in the way.
  • Keep you focused and on task.
  • Stay motivated. 
  • Prevent being stopped. 
  • Develop and receive winning strategies.
  • Develop and receive tools for success. 
  • Prepare for and deal with changes.
  • Gain clarity.
  • Become more effective.
  • Have better relationships.
  • Have more money.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Increase your health and wellness. 
  • Achieve your spiritual goals and/or ignite your faith. 
  • Have and be what you want much faster and easier than doing it alone. 
I have well over 25 years of personal development and coaching experience. I started with myself, then helped friends and family, then went on to help others. I loved it so much in 2015 I switched careers and started my personal development and wellness business. I only share what I have personally proven and I continue to study. My knowledge comes from faith, science, nutritional and fitness teachings, mixed with wisdom gained on the street. For more on me and career milestones please visit my about page.  Below are some testimonials. 

We’ll meet via Zoom and you’ll let me know what you’d like coaching on. Then I’ll provide a customized mix of tools, strategy and/or insight depending on what your situation calls for. 

Our coaching appointment is booked by you right here on this page and when you book you are charged for the session. Once you book, you simply join the Zoom on the date and time and we enjoy our session together. If at any time during our session I sense that your situation is out of the scope of my ability (requiring a different type of professional) I will absolutely let you know and provide a referral (if I have it) as well as a refund. Otherwise, I generally do not provide refunds of any kind.

If you are still on the fence about booking a coaching call, I understand. Maybe what some of my clients have experienced can help you.

Sometimes the focus is on a goal. Other times it is clearing negative thought patterns, belief systems, and trauma. Sometimes coaching is about speed and simply wanting to get the result faster. Usually coaching is to stop feeling burnt out. Do you feel this way?
  • I wish I had someone that could help me. 
  • It would be great if someone understood me. 
  • Why don’t people “get” me? 
  • How am I going to do this? 
  • I’d be more successful if I had help but I don’t have anyone to help me.
  • I’m working hard on my goals and I’m tired. 
  • Things are changing quickly I don’t know what I’m going to do. 
  • It’s lonely at the top. 
  • I’m lonely.
  • I don’t feel comfortable telling people my plans even though I wish I could talk to someone about it. 
  • I know what to do but life just gets in the way. I know what I want but keep procrastinating for some reason. 
  • I think the past is holding me back. 
  • Is what I want too much? 
  • Can I have what I want and be myself at the same time?
  • I’m working hard, what’s getting in the way? 
  • Why do I feel like I’m not getting anywhere?
  • I wish someone just told me what to do.
  • I’m ready to be on the fast track.
  • I’m tired of wasting time. 

Book a call with me for personalized coaching sessions & custom tailored advice for your specific situation.

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