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Tracy "Teemaree" Jacobsen

Release your burdens, increase your faith and prepare for miracles as we invite God in.

Hello, I’m Teemaree. I’m an ordained minister, a Religious Science Practitioner, and spiritual coach. 

Receive practical and spiritual solutions to life’s problems during our spiritual coaching session. Sessions include prayer, spiritual practice, scriptural support and more. I focus on Christianity, Science of Mind, and New Thought teachings in my work and I welcome clients of all faiths.

Find out more about my spiritual coaching and book your session below. 

Spiritual coaching information

Spiritual coaching sessions with me are by phone or Zoom. Each session is one hour long. We begin in prayer to invite God in to our session. We then have a conversation. Once you have a chance to outline the problem or situation, the spiritual solution is sought and discussed.

We end in prayer, inviting God into everything that has been spoken of and knowing that this final trusting of God produces all manner of miracles and demonstrations. After the session, I advise clients to remain in the healing energy, and release any tendency to think more about the problem.

Sometimes, homework is given. It can be a resource to listen to, a reading, or an action to take to help you in dealing spiritually with the challenge at hand.

I also include prayer over my clients after the session is complete.

Therapy and counseling are medically based treatment options. Although conventional therapy and counseling are often helpful, they tend to be limited strictly to the known, currently studied, and scientifically accepted approaches to healing and breakthrough are concerned.

There are no limits in God when it comes to healing, miracles, and life in general. Spiritual coaching focuses on the limitlessness of God and invites unbounded potential to become manifest.

Yes, and no. My spiritual coaching is rooted in Christianity, Science of Mind, and New Thought principles. Coaching is not about “making you believe” it is about increasing the belief in greater good and holding belief for you when it is too difficult for you to do on your own.

While all people and faiths are welcome, I find that successful clients have a belief in God and an open mind around spiritual references and teachings. 

I see clients who are seeking healing or expansion in such areas as health, finances, professional life, creativity, and relationships.

Many of my clients are creatives, entrepreneurs, or small business owners, where continued success often depends upon self-confidence and positive thought patterns. 

Most are women who enjoy feeling better, with a sense of direction, and increased trust in God. 

Frequency of sessions depends on my clients. My personalized recommendations take your specific need, current belief system/state of mind, and finances into account. There is never any obligation to go beyond what you feel ready to commit to.

Those who see me when a problem has presented and/or a crisis seems to be at hand, are helped.

Those who make a regular commitment to seeing me are helped for what they initially came for and blessed beyond what they originally expected. This is because the regular commitment helps to increase, maintain, and encourage relationship with God, faith, and blessings of all kinds. 

Two things should be addressed in choosing your spiritual coach. 

  1. Do they coach or lead from a spiritual teaching, basis, and terminology, that you understand, like, and respect? 
  2. Are they certified, studied, and most importantly living what they preach? 

I coach and lead from Christian, Science of Mind, and New Thought teachings. In sessions, I use terminology like God, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Amen, Source, One Life, Limitlessness, And so it is. I utilize the power of prayer, reference the Bible, and include new thought texts.

My certifications and spiritual embodiment include the following: 

I am an ordained and licensed non denominational minister. I am a certified and licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers For Spiritual Living. I study the Bible, pray, and meditate daily. I love God very much, believe Jesus was the greatest teacher for us all, and have personally experienced divine guidance, protection, answers to prayers, unexpected blessings, miracles, and God’s literal presence at various times in my life. I am in no way perfect, but I live what I believe and continue learning. 

Coaching Packages by Teemaree
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Do you like bonuses, constant success, and regular support? My coaching packages are multiple month commitments that include all of this. Book your Coaching Package Consultation Call to discuss your goals and receive your coaching package recommendation.