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Receive practical solutions and insight to streamline your business and increase it’s success. Sessions include conversation, strategy, and resources to help you get on your next business level and get rid of burnout.

Business coaching information

Business coaching sessions with me are by phone or Zoom. Each session is one hour long. We begin by outlining your business goals and identifying obstacles.  Once you have a chance to outline the problem or situation, I provide you with strategies for success. 


Yes, and no. My business coaching involves proven strategies but is greater than any one method. You can expect systems and resources with creative problem solving. This is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, multi hyphenates, vendors, and those that are moving from one career to another. 

I see clients who are self employed, in the entertainment industry, small business owners, vendors, and those that are wishing to start their own business or changing from one career to another.

Frequency of sessions depends on you. You will have four ways of getting coaching with me. While the best is always a package of sessions, each coaching option offers great value and benefits. The goal is for you to choose the coaching you can stay committed to. 

Two things should be addressed in choosing your business coach. 

  1. Do they coach in a way you understand, like, and respect? 
  2. Are they certified, studied, and most importantly living what they share? 

I coach and lead from certified teaching and personal experience. In business, I have been an employee, a professional artist, a successful entrepreneur, a small business owner, and am financially literate. I live what I teach and actively use it in my business.

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