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Tracy "Teemaree" Jacobsen

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My life coaching involves conversation about what’s important to you. I then provide you with practical tips, perspective shifts, and new possibilities in the areas of mindset, beliefs, routine or habit/needs for success, idea/lead generation, self care needs, financial concerns, and/or relationship goals. 

Life coaching is a series of sessions that provide  transformational strategies to build your strengths, increase your success, and promote your experience of a balanced and prospering lifestyle.

Therapy is generally focused on the past and the why. It’s also best for clinical treatment. By all means, consider therapy if you are looking to heal from any past traumas or need help with any mental health concerns like depression, addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, etc. 

Life coaching is different from therapy because it is generally focused on the now and the how. Try life coaching if you are looking to get “unstuck” and move forward with an action plan. Try life coaching if you want to find more clarity and direction. Maybe you want to stop unhelpful habits and replace them with healthier alternatives. Perhaps you know that your inner critic keeps you from living your best life and you want to learn how to quiet that voice. Or, you desire a life with purpose and meaning but don’t know where to start. Life coaching is excellent if you want to hold yourself more accountable for the quality of your life and are looking for some tools to make that happen. 

Coaching can help you view situations, options, and relationships from a fresh perspective. Life coaching can help you gain confidence, gain clarity, develop healthier habits, increase actions toward your goals, achieve your desired goals, and more.

Benefits of coaching include increased self-confidence, the ability to recognize and establish healthier boundaries, higher levels of self-awareness, a more optimistic view on life, increased momentum toward, achievement of, or clarification of goals. While results vary by client, many times clients who are coached for a period of time enjoy these benefits and much more.

There are many reasons why having a life coach is beneficial. Many people hire a coach to help them see the “blind spots” in their lives. Gaining clarity on these “blind spots” helps prevent and reduce unwanted issues from derailing, detaining, and diminishing success and happiness. As your coach I can help identify what is missing. I can also hold you accountable, keep you on track, and consistently move you toward the completion of your goals. Life coaching is especially useful for people who are ready to receive advice and take action.

The frequency of sessions depends on you. My recommendations take your specific need, goals, current state of mind, and finances into consideration. There is never any obligation to go beyond what you feel ready to commit to.

Those who see me for individualized life coaching sessions receive immediate support, a sounding board, and a good plan to act on.

Those who make a regular commitment to see me for life coaching achieve more success, freedom, and happiness because seeing me regularly allows for my help in accountability, encouragement, clarity, additional resources, and strategies along the way. 

Two things should be addressed in choosing your life coach. 

  1. Do they coach in a way that you understand, like, and respect? 
  2. Are they certified, studied, and most importantly living what they share? 

I coach from personal and professional experience. I was once deeply committed to doing everything myself. Because I was raised with limited resources and support, it felt odd to me to seek help, let alone pay for it. As I have sought to achieve more with my life and gotten more education on how to achieve success, I have learned that coaching is an extremely powerful and necessary tool in truly successful living. 

I am a certified life coach, best selling author, successful entrepreneur, professional artist, and have personally overcome a lot of challenges. Life coaching for me is not simply something I do, it is something I live. I have seen and experienced the massive time, money, and hardship saving that coaching provides and not only provide it, but use it myself. 


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$50 /Month
  • Get a daily text Mon - Fri for one month.
  • Each text is a statement to support your goal.
  • No conversations. Just regular reminders, encouragement, and motivation.
  • Perfect for introverts or the super busy.


$80 /Month
  • Get an email once a week for 4 weeks.
  • Each email has a practice to support your goal.
  • No conversations. Just weekly teachings, activities, and information by email.
  • Perfect for a guided experience to do at your own pace.


$100 /Session
  • Get 1, one hour session.
  • Meet privately on phone or Zoom.
  • Be emailed a plan to help you take steps and see results.
  • Perfect for discovery and connection.


$570 /Package
  • Get 6, one hour coaching sessions.
  • Meet privately each session on phone or Zoom
  • Be emailed a success plan after each session.
  • Perfect for maximizing investment and success.