What does it mean to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE?

Living your best life is being the truest you and living it fully each day. Being able to experience and achieve your highest potential at each new stage of living. It includes happiness, health, positivity, achievement, love, care, rest, balance, harmony, acceptance, abundance, and authenticity. 

I’m Teemaree and I help people live their best life with my coaching, courses, and products. I’m ready to serve you. Just click on what you’d like to experience. 

About Me

Teemaree is a life, health, and spiritual coach that offers coaching sessions by phone or Zoom.

I am a certified life, health, and spiritual coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, a level II Reiki practitioner, an ordained minister, an author, and a motivational speaker. My name is Teemaree. 

Behind the fancy credentials, I’m simply passionate about helping women experience the fullness of life
quickly. I am dedicated to moving you forward with love, possibility, and your best in mind. 

I believe in honoring the whole self  because it is all connected. I provide practical and spiritual tools that are easy to do but powerful to experience so you can enjoy the changes you are experiencing
even with a full schedule.

I use my experience as a facilitator, coach, minister, holistic practitioner, and public speaker to help people get unstuck and confidently make major strides forward. I am a specialist at making change light hearted and positive. 

Hire me as your expert life coach, book me for an empowering speaking event, or shop my products to navigate your journey to being your highest self. 

I love what I do and am honored to share my gifts with you. 

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