May 2022

Be Comforted

Be comforted. Discover ways we can look to God through grief, sickness, and financial troubles to feel his comfort and peace. There is also an opportunity to open up to Jesus in this episode. My name is Teemaree and this is my weekly radio show turned podcast called “Invite God In.” What I love about …

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Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is important and simple but not always easy. Discover the questions to ask and ways to take of yourself so you don’t get lost in endless goals, tasks, and obligations. Or maybe that is just me……. I share what got in the way for me recently, how I was able to …

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Celebrate Good Times

Come on! 😂 Ok, I had to….. 😊 Does celebrating feel tough or frivolous to you? You’ll be happy to discover how, why, and when we can all celebrate. If celebrating is easy for you but you feel you can’t dare pay for another lavish outing or party, there is something for you too. Turns …

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Why you can’t succeed

Uncover the 4 reasons why you can’t succeed and discover how to get over what is stopping your success so you can achieve the goal you’re after. Listen to the podcast or watch below. If you don’t know, know it all, aren’t doing, or are scared, success will elude you. The good news is, there …

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