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What Can You Testify?

What can you testify about God’s goodness? Why and how to do it too. Join me for prayer, reflection, and ways we can testify about God’s goodness along with what can happen in our lives when we do. Listen to the podcast. Or watch below. I’m Teemaree, I make transformation easy with products, practices, and …

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Finding Ourselves in the Bible

We are finding ourselves in the Bible through the story of Paul! Come with me on a scriptural yet personal journey. Discover where you may be right now and what could be in store for you. Take a listen here! Podcast Or watch the video below. My name is Teemaree and this blog is featuring …

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What’s Good?

What’s good? Discover that as I share ways we can identify and remember what’s good and how it helps us invite God in when we do so. I also share what I’m grateful for and what new things have been totally delighting me right now. Listen to the podcast or watch the video. Can’t listen …

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God is in the Dark

God is in the dark but are we seeing it? Discover how we can begin to fortify ourselves to recognize God’s presence when things aren’t going the way we like or want them to go. I cover practical ways to do this, share a scripture verse where we see this is the case, and share …

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