In this week’s episode of my radio show turned podcast, “Invite God In”, I shared four things you can do now and any time to experience more of God immediately. These truly life-changing methods are not only easy to do but can be quite fun especially once you start experiencing the benefits.

There is also a bonus offer that mentions the movie that had my husband Tony and I laughing, gasping, and then feeling God once we left the theater.

Listen to the episode here or watch the episode below. ↓

Here are the video chapters for easier viewing.
Tip 1 – 1:10
Tip 2 – 4:40
Tip 3 – 9:23
Tip 4 12:25
Bonus – 14:01

Being able to go slow with The Lord’s Prayer, move our bodies while expressing gratitude, give blessings to everything, and look for proof will help us experience God immediately during the practice but also for long afterward. Make sure you sign up to my email list to stay connected in conversations like this and to receive bonuses that only my community gets like the song playlists from my live broadcasts, personal recommendations, invites, and more. Join my community here.

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