Is spiritual warfare real?

Spiritual warfare. Is it real? If so, how do we know when it’s happening? How can we protect ourselves? Today that’s exactly what I spoke about. I shared what I recently experienced that was way too ironic to pass off as coincidence. I spoke about a common thing that can easily take us off our guard, and I spoke about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. Find out about all of this and discover things you can do if you feel you are under spiritual attack.

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Whether we feel spiritually attacked or we simply feel “things aren’t going our way” we can all benefit from knowing that we can protect ourselves from negativity by:

Taking a deep breath. – Taking a deep breath gives us a reset and a moment to come back to our senses.
Praising God. – Giving God praise is a power move because it makes us look away from the problem at hand and activates our faith.
Staying in God’s word. – Scripture offers much to us and keeps on giving, the more we go back to it.

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