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Finding Restful Moments


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It can be very difficult to feel like we can rest. I totally understand. When the demands of life or the pressure we put on ourselves is too much, try this.

Here are some ways to find restful moments:
Deep sleep. Have trouble sleeping? Try my favorite all-natural essential oil on your pulse points before bed.
A long bath or shower. Turn this everyday essential into a moment of much-needed self-care to reset.
A soothing drink. Hydration helps on so many levels. Elevate the experience with fruit-infused water or soothing tea throughout a tiring day.
Eye nap. Take a few moments to sit comfortably and rest your eyes. Here is the most relaxing eye mask I’ve ever experienced.
Stand up. A walk around the office, home, or a simple series of standing stretches will work wonders and prevent mental or muscle lock-ups.
Find beauty. Is there a peaceful view from a window or a nicely decorated section of your space to gaze on? This can provide feelings of peace and appreciation.

Here’s a view I recently enjoyed:

We all know that vacations, luxurious sleep-ins, spa days, and hiring help can take us to another level. But these tips are to remind us that we can experience restful moments naturally and for free, whenever we would like to access them.

Watch these tips in action.

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We'll let you know when the program opens again!
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