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Do the Opposite


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Could this be what you’re missing? How can you do the opposite to increase your results and experience of life? Join me for insights on this as well as ways to implement this potent life hack.



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My name is Teemaree, I make transformation easy with products, practices, and coaching. This tip is one of the many I share every week on my radio show-turned podcast ALLSWELL Lifestyle. It’s a way for us to increase our results with a simple but powerful change in our approach.

Here’s how you can do this:
Identify where you may need to make a change.
Bring opposite energy to it.

While it is simple, it isn’t always easy, and there are some things to be careful of in the process. Do not use this strategy to be negative, violent, or to lessen your good characteristics. Do use this strategy to identify healthy loving ways you can increase your results in life with opposite energy. For best results and the full story, listen or watch the full episode.

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Teemaree is a an author, coach, speaker, healer, and artist that specializes in helping people live their best lives.


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