Coping with Anxiety

Coping with anxiety in ways that are all-natural, holistic, and effective! If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful, look no further, your relief is here! I’m Teemaree, I provide personal development, wellness, and spirituality products practices and coaching. Below is my personal development radio show turned podcast “ALLSWELL Lifestyle” where I shared what has been causing me anxiety lately along with the ways I have taken care of anxiety, stress, and fear when it strikes.

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With all the things that can have us anxious, it is wonderful to remember and use these tips and stay empowered. We can breathe, return to logic, unplug from the stressful source, and move. For my Yoga For Fear Practice visit for more on me and all the ways I can support your success, please browse my website and be sure to sign up to my email list. Thanks for visiting.

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