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Yoga isn’t always what we think


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Is it just me or does the word yogi have a certain look in our minds? I think it’s normal because we’ve seen certain images associated with yoga so much we end up thinking that’s what it must be. The good news is, that those popular images aren’t the only story. They simply don’t represent the full picture. Take my memories for example.

In 2014 I was doing yoga in my underwear at home. I’d been practicing for 3 yrs and was feeling strong. Poses that I couldn’t grasp initially, were unlocking in my mind and I would start to try them. Like this one, called Crow. 

Even though I was practicing regularly and receiving so many benefits, I couldn’t tell you what kind of yoga I was doing at the time. I was just practicing and enjoying it. To those who think you have to “know” what things are called, it simply isn’t true.

In 2017 yoga moves provided me with relief anywhere which was so helpful at the time. I had a lot of stress and change happening in my life. In this picture, I’m between a bed and a wall increasing my focus and core strength in full clothing!

To those that think you need fancy clothes and equipment like straps, blocks, and even a mat, that isn’t always the case.

In 2021 the yoga studio I created in the middle of my 250 sq ft tiny home is where I’d teach people around the world.

I also filmed and shared practices there too. To those that have always seen the elaborate studio spaces and vast natural landscapes represented on Instagram, I offer you this alternate reality.

In Feb of this year, 2022, I was guiding people out of fear, stress, & anxiety with yoga.

What has been transformative here, was the practice itself because yoga moves are used and a short flow is provided BUT, there are also focused poses I provide that can help to release unwanted feelings and foster desired feelings. I’m really proud of it and grateful to present this simple yet powerful practice on my website now as unlimited access event you can enjoy anytime. 🎉 It’s called Yoga For Fear.

Yoga isn’t always what we think. And that is wonderful. To those that can’t imagine getting physical and emotional releases from yoga, I offer you this opportunity.

To find out more about my Yoga For Fear unlimited access event click HERE. My name is Teemaree. I make transformation easy with coaching, products, and events. For more on me and all I have to offer, browse my website www.teemaree.com

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Teemaree is a an author, coach, speaker, healer, and artist that specializes in helping people live their best lives.


We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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