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If you think meditation is just different than the norm, you are not alone. It is! Practicing meditation is different in every way and there are so many ways to go about it. Here’s a little of my experience over the years and things you can hopefully use to find your way.

In 2014! I visited an ashram for a meditation retreat.

At this point, I did not have a regular practice but had been doing it at least once a week since 2012. I was so eager to learn but was still resisting a regular practice because it felt “too still.” Being at this ashram taught me a lot. We would meditate twice a day for at least an hour! It was also my first time saying mantras in Sanskrit and being in a room depicting Hindu deities also described as the many faces of God. I was pushed to the limit of my comfortability. When I left I felt drained and tired yet once I got to rest and processed what I’d experienced I felt renewed and stronger. in the end, I was so glad I did it. It opened me up to so many things about myself and about meditation in general.

In 2017 I was meditating for hours in a chair to send love and blessings to this labyrinth event (I’m the one in the scarf.)

What advancement in my practice! I never thought I would be able to: 

1. Be still and meditate for such a long period of time.
2. Be able to meditate in public.

and yet there I was doing it happily. 🤯 I was not doing the type of meditation I learned at the ashram in 2014, I was doing a meditation that was focusing on my breath.

In 2017 I was filming a moving meditation for World Class Advice.

That day I remember shooting 20 videos in their studio. I was tired when I got home but so grateful and happy too. It meant so much to me to be able to share personal development, spiritual, and wellness techniques on another platform. I felt like my deepest dreams were coming true. Those days, even though my main practice was focusing on my breath, I was so happy to see I could also move and meditate. It was a nice departure to play with and experience.

By Feb 2021 I had been leading live sessions as a teacher on one of the leading meditation apps called Insight Timer. 

I remember being so excited to provide meditations. I was so happy to lead people into greater states of well-being and clarity. The types of meditation I had been enjoying were varied. Focusing on the breath, using mantras, focusing on sounds, and even moving once in a while.

Now I meditate every day and provide meditation products on my website. Like this one that will help you have more good days. Meditations are different in their styles, benefits, and experiences. Hopefully, this post helps you see you can find a meditation to start and experience a wide variety on your journey. My name is Teemaree. I help people feel love, gain power, and have success. For more on me and all I have to offer you, please browse my

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Teemaree is a an author, coach, speaker, healer, and artist that specializes in helping people live their best lives.


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