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Power of Positivity


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Sometimes things just go wrong. This week, while super excited to broadcast the 10th episode of my empowerment radio show turned podcast ALLSWELL Lifestyle, I ran into a very unexpected and annoying difficulty. Which surprisingly lent to my planned message in that it gave me very fresh material to share. Including, how the power of positivity helped me through.

Did you know positivity has more than one characteristic? How can positivity be a superpower? Finally, why do we even care about being positive, isn’t that just annoying “magical thinking” or worse, burying our head in the sand and pretending nothing’s ever wrong? Find out the answers to all of this below.

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Positivity doesn’t have to look a certain way. Being positive is a way to stay empowered and aligned with your purpose. There are many ways to do this, but if nothing else, when things go wrong, just breathe. That pause can make a big difference and lead to regained power, focus, and clarity. Watch or listen for all the tips!

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