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Tracy "Teemaree" Jacobsen

Receive healthful and nutritional guidance aimed at your wellness goals.

Hello, I’m Teemaree. I’m a yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, and a certified health and nutrition coach. 

My health coaching involves conversation along with healthful and nutritional guidance aimed at your wellness goals. We will focus on your body, mind, and habits as I provide food options, movement recommendations, and relevant wellness techniques so vou can feel your best.

Find out more about my health coaching and book your session below. 

Health coaching information

Health coaching sessions with me are by phone or Zoom. Each session is one hour long. When you book your session there is an intake form to fill out before your session. It is all done online. During our session, we engage in conversation. We focus on your health and nutrition goals as well as what you shared with me via your intake form.

With your mind, body, and habits in mind, and looking toward your health and nutrition goals, I will provide food options and relevant wellness techniques so you can feel your best.

Trainers are generally focused on the physical aspect of your body and how you should “work out.”

Health coaching with me is a complete system to achieve your health and wellness goals. Health coaching with me involves conversation at each session, a complete overview of your health and nutrition goals, as well as a complete overview of your health, nutrition, and physical habits. I also provide you with recommendations for eating, movement, and habits for your mindset around your health. 

No. As your health coach, I will listen to where you are, what you feel you need, and what you would like to work on. I will then provide you with suggestions to achieve your health goals. My recommendations are based in scientific findings and seeing what has proven to be effective in improving the health and nutrition of myself and my clients. It is not based on a a specific diet.

I see clients who are ready to experience changes in their eating, health, and physical bodies. I see clients that are ready to make foundational changes in the way they approach their health. My clients are generally ready to feel and look better, busy, and tired of trying to do it on their own. 

To be completely honest when it comes to health coaching, the more often the better. With that said, frequency of sessions depends on you. My personalized recommendations take your specific need, goals, current state of mind, and finances into account. There is never any obligation to go beyond what you feel ready to commit to.

Those who see me for individualized health coaching sessions receive a good foundation plan to act on.

Those who make a regular commitment to see me for health coaching receive much more because seeing me regularly allows for my help in accountability, encouragement, additional resources, modifications along the way, and more. 

Two things should be addressed in choosing your health coach. 

  1. Do they coach in a way that you understand, like, and respect? 
  2. Are they certified, studied, and most importantly living what they share? 

I coach from personal and professional experience. I have changed eating habits to increase health and eliminate dis-ease. I have used movement, exercise, and rest for optimum health. Looking at the body as a whole and considering all systems and lifestyle to maintain and increase health and nutrition is what I do.  

I am a certified health and nutrition coach. I hold certifications in various wellness modalities as well, like yoga, meditation, and reiki healing. I personally exercise, meditate, and eat in a way to love and care for my body. I truly understand the commitment, excitement, sometimes struggle, and amazing results that occur from the continued nurturing of our health and nutrition. Finally, I am passionate about helping people with their health and nutrition because I have seen the devastation bad health and sickness can cause. I have lost people I love and seen others suffer needlessly due to illnesses that in some cases could have been prevented. I am proud to offer so much as a health and nutrition coach. My clients are usually very happy to see they can get help in so many areas with my health coaching since most professionals specialize in only one area and charge per service. 

Coaching Packages by Teemaree
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Do you like bonuses, constant success, and regular support? My coaching packages are multiple month commitments that include all of this. Book your Coaching Package Consultation Call to discuss your goals and receive your coaching package recommendation.