Quickly move from fear into faith in yourself. Fear shows up in many ways. Fear of abandonment. Fear of failure. Fear of losing money. Fear of being loved. Fear of not being loved. Fear of the unknown. You may fear being alone or that you aren’t good enough. No matter how it shows up, fear keeps us stuck. The good news is, fear can be addressed and overcome. Discover and eliminate the fear that has caused you to hold back, procrastinate, isolate, and not be your fullest self. 

Recieve the tools to identify what’s holding you back along with new ways to handle the fear that will definitely come up as you continue bettering yourself and achieving newer and bigger goals. You might be thinking, “Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m scared. I’m not in “fear” of anything” and I understand. I was the same way. Then I realized there were times I knew what to do and wasn’t doing it, there were ideas and plans I felt really good about but would procrastinate. These signs let me see that even though I didn’t think so at first, fear was holding me back.

Do you feel yourself: 
Getting stuck?
Taking longer than you’d like to achieve things?
Knowing what to do but not doing it?

You’re in the right place. If you have wanted to do anything and procrastinated, if you’ve gone after something and played small instead of giving it your all, or if you know what to do about your particular situation and are not doing it, chances are, fear is getting in your way. Truth is, fear is really sneaky. It slows us down. It makes us hold back. It causes us to turn away from the things we want. The worst part about it is, fear can make us feel we’re right or safer in doing so! I thought about taking fear out of the title of this course because I knew some people might not be able to admit it and I don’t want to lose a single person but the truth is there is great power in naming things for what they are and overcoming them head on. So marketing psychology (and my fear of losing people) be damned! Everyone has and will face fear. 

You should take this course if…

  • You know what to do but aren’t doing it. 
  • You have great ideas and plans but are procrastinating on taking action.
  • You want to be your full self but constantly wonder what people will think.
  • You want to make a big change but can’t seem to get started. 
  • You are making yourself “busy” with things that don’t ever really get done like house work, caring for others, and random tasks instead of taking time towards your needs, wants, and plans. 
  • You feel emotionally stuck, trapped, blocked, or unable to move forward.
  • You want support while working on issues such as shame and guilt. 
  • You’d like more happiness and peace.
  • You are interested in and ready to live a life of action and courage.
  • You’d like to be your full self.
  • You crave a more authentic life.  

This course will help you:

  • Get clear on your fear and the blocked emotions that are holding you back. 
  • Get support to go after what you really want.
  • Learn ways to blast past fear now and going forward.
  • Develop a practical way of nourishing your faith emotionally, with your attitude, and in your relationships.

In this course you will get:

  • The ability to see  how fear shows up for you and what it looks/feels like when it does. 
  • Tools to unblock the fear pattern that is keeping you stuck.
  • Methods to build a foundation of faith in yourself and your greater good.
  • Methods to build and strengthen your faith in what is possible. Even and especially when you can’t see it.
  • Daily emails that will quickly yet powerfully help you transform.
  • Guided exercises.
  • Daily motivation.
  • Homework to ensure your learning is not just theory but experience. 
  • Powerful and thoughtfully timed teaching to honor your commitment to making this change without overwhelming your already existing schedule. 

Ready to move into an overall greater expression of self and life that includes Power. Freedom. Positivity. Authenticity?

Whether you’re going after a personal fitness goal, a healthier lifestyle, being better with your money, feeling more outgoing in your relationships, or trying to launch something personally or creatively, you will be able to gain from this course because instead of being focused on specific steps to a specific task, I am going over the ways you can be bold in the face of whatever fear comes your way. This will empower you to rule whatever task you are taking on at the moment, and succeed.

About Me


I am an author, minister, life coach, artist, yogi, and the founder of ALLSWELL Lifestyle. I provide powerful and lasting personal development in a manageable way, with a creative approach. My purpose and passion is sharing my method with each and every person that desires a better life for themselves. Especially those who feel alone, unsupported, or are the pioneers of their circle. 

How does it work?

This digital course will last 14 days. Each day you will receive an email with the day’s teaching and assignment. You will complete each day at your own pace via your computer, phone, or tablet, using the embedded forms in the course. We will go into fear a little bit to allow you to uncover things you don’t even know are stopping you. We will then actively build and exercise faith in yourself, faith in your greater good, along with faith in what is available and possible for you. You will gain deep personal insights, new perspectives, and practical tools to help you right now and going forward well after the course. If you decide you’d like to redo assignments or the course in it’s entirety you will be able to do so because you will retain your access after your purchase. 

Still reading? You feel called to this. The greater you is waiting and ready to go. Let’s get started.

We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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