Fear reducing seminar

Welcome to my Fear Reducing Seminar. In this series of talks you will experience:

Identifying Fear – How To
Questions to ask and ways we can begin to identify fear so we can stay in our power.

Recognizing the Hidden Side of Fear
One of fears sneakiest traits and why knowing this is immediately freeing.

Managing Fear to Believe in Ourselves
Why this is important, misconceptions and letting go of the myth of what this looks like.

Fear and Relationships
The hidden ways fear can be the reason for unfulfilled relationships and ways to take back control.

What Does The Fearless You Look Like?
An opportunity to ask, vision, and then answer the question.

Simply click on the talk you wish to experience and let the information work for you. As a bonus, I have added a form after each video. Enjoy deeper insights and exploration as you easily interact with each discussion. 

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Enjoy the seminar!

Additional bonus: Come back and enjoy the Visioning Exercise anytime. It can be found at 12 minutes and 32 seconds (12:32) in the video.

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