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Fear shrinking seminar

 Congratulations on saying yes to this and welcome.

The information that I share here has helped people around the world! I’m so happy that you too will get to benefit from this information.

There are five parts to this series of  talks. Below you’ll see what each talk will cover.

  1. Identifying Fear –
    Ways to identify fear and questions to ask so you can stay in your power.
  2. Recognizing the Hidden Side of Fear –
    One of fear’s sneakiest traits and why knowing this is immediately freeing.
  3. Managing Fear to Believe in Ourselves –
    Why this is important, misconceptions of this, as well as the myth of what this looks like, and how to let it go.
  4. Fear and Relationships –
    The hidden ways fear can be the reason for unfulfilled relationships and ways to take back control.
  5. What Does The Fearless You Look Like? –
    An opportunity to ask, vision, and then open up to what the fearless you can look like. 

How to experience this seminar –
Simply click on the talk you would like to watch and let the information work for you.

BONUS. After presenting this material over the years, I knew I wanted to provide interactivity. Now, as a bonus, I have added a form after each video. This will help you to enjoy deeper insights and exploration easily as you watch and then answer the questions in each form.

To do this, just fill out the form completely and hit submit. Once you submit it, a copy will be sent to your email for your records. How cool is that?!

Woohoo!! Enjoy the seminar!

IMPORTANT! You’ve started to shrink your fear and that is wonderful! Now, make sure you don’t lose the awareness you started to realize here. 

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We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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