BRAND NEW! Love For You Now Coloring Book

Mixing simple yet powerful affirmations with easy pictures to color, the Love For You Now Coloring Book provides relaxation, empowerment, and happiness by focusing the mind on good through a fun and youthful practice. Through coloring, affirmations, and play we can all have a sense of peace that never leaves us. The Love For You Now Coloring Book is for adults and children. It’s an easy way to empower yourself or help someone you love. This will delight and inspire to feel good immediately. It will also leave a positive lasting impression.  Buy Now on Amazon

Love For You Now: Focus on Love and Change Your Life

Feel, be, and experience love. Right now. Love For You Now, provides four easy ways to increase the quality and experience of love. Using beautiful full color photographs and powerful science backed affirmations, Teemaree guides readers to step into love for self, love for others, love experienced, and love expressed. Readers immediately and over time experience positivity, happiness, and a general goodness that spreads through different areas of their lives. Buy Now on Amazon

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Transformation, empowerment, and achieving goals is easy with the right support. Enjoy my ebook with cards you can print out and carry, a ringtone that will uplift you with each new call, or a short audio that will help you achieve your next big thing.


Move from Fear to Faith.

Guided Meditation

Self Love Mediation by Teemaree_6059rs

Love yourself.

Guided Meditation

Solve any problem.


Embrace change.


Activate your winning mentality.


Feel and be love.

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Feel centered and peaceful.

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Feel grateful.

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Live Healthy.

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