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You may have the edge, but do you have what it takes to stay sharp? Whether you’re getting lost in the shuffle of life wondering why time is passing and you still aren’t where you want to be, or you’re a go-getter that is highly motivated and actively taking action, coaching will get you where you want to be faster and keep you in your zone longer. I’m here to empower you with the focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you desire.

As a former single mother making ends meet, to the multi faceted professional entertainer, to the minister, author, and spiritual life coach I am now, I have personally used and provided methods for personal success that have taken myself and my clients from lacking, to “the dream” realized.


  • Gain Clarity in Your Purpose: Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life.
  • Become a More Effective Leader: Gain new tools and confidence to break through limitations, and skills to persuade, inspire, and connect with others.
  • Prepare for Change in Your Life: Become the master of your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of life’s challenges and unexpected change.
  • Ignite Passion in Your Relationships: Remove beliefs that are sabotaging you and keeping you from true connection. Get the tools you need to reignite passion, and fulfillment in relationships new and old.
  • Achieve your Spirituality Goals: Gain understanding of the “call” you’re receiving, go deeper in your faith, achieve the connection you desire. Stay committed for real results, and start living the experience you desire.



I have years of successful coaching experience, over 15,000 hours of training, and continue to actively study and implement these success strategies personally and with my clients. This is what I will bring to you, to help you live your best life now.


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“Thank you very much for pushing me and being a great mentor Teemaree.”
– Taleen Sahakian

“Thank you for touching my world and inspiring me to learn and grow. You are amazing and continue to make magic wherever you are!”
– Brad Stauffer

“Man you are so Gooooood, thank you so very much, you have really helped me.”
– Lisa Forrestier

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