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What’s the difference between life that feels like the night before a vacation: excited, happy, and expectant of good things and life that feels like a dark Monday morning when the alarm jolts you awake to feeling dissatisfied and stressed?  

I’ve got the answer that you can use to feel excited about your life.

HI, I’m Teemaree

And when I’m not sipping coffee mid weekday mornings and discussing the joys of creating with my husband Tony, I’m a life coach, bestselling author, and entrepreneur. I’ve been featured in magazines and on podcasts, and I’m also a coach and teacher to people around the world via leading wellness organizations: Insight Timer, Aura Health, and The True Healers. Most importantly though, I live a happy life on my terms and can help you do the same.

You should know this about me:

I’m a rare blend of woo-woo and super practical. So you can expect visualizing, affirmations AND proven logical action steps. This combo has helped me achieve success in 4 industries, enjoy a bi-coastal lifestyle, have my own thriving business, and a worldwide audience. All without taking life too seriously, changing my look or message, or sacrificing my daily Netflix obsession.

I’m obsessed with getting phenomenal results, the fun and easier way.

More importantly when it comes to me and being bold you should know: 

  • I didn’t finish high school. So everything I’ve built to date was a HUGE almost impossible dream to me at the beginning.
  • I didn’t have a single connection to success. I’m a first generation American that comes from working class people. My dreams were both bold and crazy to everyone around me.
  • I didn’t succeed in a straight line which was embarrassing at the time but super awesome now for you because I’ve developed ways to shorten the curves to success and I share them.
  • I was scared a lot and had to be strong to make it, but then I discovered a true boldness that is totally void of fear. THIS is the kind of confidence and bold living I promote. And it feels so good!!!!

We can all learn to be bold and live a richly satisfying life.

And if you’ll let me, I’ll help you..

It doesn’t take special skills, a particular personality type, or an extraordinary amount of resources.

But you probably don’t really believe that, do you? 

I totally get it! After all, if it were simple to be fearless, confident, and bold, why aren’t more people doing it? Well, because it does take something. That’s why I’m here to help.

I know that your life might feel ok. But, I also know that there’s more. And since you’re here, I’m guessing you know that too. 

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning, excited for what the day has in store and hit the pillow at night satisfied, content with the activities, people, and events that filled the day?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you’re really being who you want to be, living the way you want?

If you’re like most self-help-curious people…

You want to feel peace and exhilaration! Regularly. To do meaningful work. To feel like you’re making good decisions. That you’re on the right path. To have a circle of loving people around you. To treat yourself once in a while. AND you don’t want to feel like anyone or anything stands in the way of you having better.

You aren’t afraid of making efforts toward what you want. You sometimes make so many efforts that you burn yourself out. You also might have a hard time following a plan because you’ve done things your way for so long it just feels weird to turn over control. 

So here you are, all work, very little play, and starting to seriously doubt your dreams are achievable. You want a more vibrant life but you haven’t figured it out yet. You’re ready to listen but need a clear plan, and if there’s a program for you to follow? You’re on it!

If any of this sounds familiar..

If your know your life isn’t as exciting as it could be, but can’t seem to bridge the gap…

Then keep reading:

Because what you’re about to discover could be the moment when everything starts to change. The moment you’ll look back on weeks from now when you wake up in the morning feeling different. Feeling full of anticipation for your future. 


You DESERVE to be excited about your life!

Your truest, most authentic self is your birthright. The real you, that lives behind the expectations, doubts, and judgements of other people is actually the you the world needs. You deserve to learn how to get massive results on your busy schedule. I didn’t create the Transformation Made Easy Method for nothin’!

Over the past 25+ years I’ve been coaching, I’ve been featured in magazines, on podcasts, and I’ve worked with people all around the world. In that time, I’ve developed a method to give you ways to quickly and permanently fill your life with more joy, success, and meaning. 

My Transformation Made Easy Method will help you:

  1. Jump from goal setting to taking action, so you can create a flow of good feeling wins in your life faster than you currently believe.

  2. Stay positive, feel energized, and make progress towards what matters most in all kinds of circumstances! (hey, life involves a lot – I’ve got you!)

  3. Drop the conditioning of who you’re supposed to be and change course to what aligns with who you really are – especially important for serial people pleasers!

  4. Be your own cheerleader, know the difference between unhelpful negative feedback, and constructive feedback. So you can receive and act on the right help.

  5. Live a lighter less stressful life and allow blessings to come to you easily through practical manifesting.

  6. Trust yourself so that you can quickly make the right decision for you every time WITHOUT spending hours and days overthinking it (this is a huge productivity hack!)

  7. Have closer relationships and attract the type of people you love into your circle. (Hello community!!)

  8. Stop procrastinating and get major ish done! (Cause your precious life awaits and there isn’t a moment to waste. Am I right?)

All of these results are entirely within your reach, whether it’s your first dip into the personal development pool or you’ve been working on your self-growth for ages…

….Because my program consists of a results-producing method, that’s based on proven practices, and powerful action steps.

…This same program is the baseline for everything from my success in multiple industries, to my thriving business, to my loving marriage and my freely lived life. Despite being a girl with the odds stacked against her, with no degree, connections, or help to support her crazy unrealistic dreams (at the time😉). 


This program is one you’ll tell your friends about when, weeks from now, they ask why you suddenly seem so much better, more productive, more confident, bold, and fun. They’ll want to know your secret! And you’ll want to tell them.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my signature program to let your life unfold in the way you’ve always wanted.

You are going to LOVE this!

Be Bold

The results-oriented, feel-good, coaching program
to help you lose your limits, pinpoint your dreams,
and take strategic action to be more bold
so you can experience what you want most in life.

I’ve spent over 25 years as a life coach working with clients who:
Struggle to make peace with themselves and feel consistent, authentic confidence, even though they’ve been doing self-help work.
Read loads of books and attend workshops, yet still haven’t created exciting, long-term change in their lives.
Are tired of feeling like life’s just “fine”.
Know that life can be so much more than they see now, are motivated to turn the corner, and become the person they truly are. (Even though the “life is hard” noise sometimes drags them down).

My Be Bold Coaching Program will help you overcome limiting beliefs, hardwire your brain for success, and take inspired action to boldly build a life that you’re delighted to wake up to every morning.

Who am I to be telling you all of this? Here’s what some of my clients have experienced:

“I finally went after my dream of directing!!”

Lakisha L. 
Author, Director

“Just 3 days after our conversation my company blessed me with a bonus.”

Chris K.
Customer Service Rep.

Be Bold Coaching Program

Gives you one year of access to:

Weekly coaching assignments that can be done in minutes and practiced easily to help you smash fear, build confidence, and be bold regularly!

Monthly coaching sessions with me, Teemaree. This is where you’ll get live group coaching, planning, and strategy for your confidence goals.

A private community to get support, ideas, and advice for when you feel stuck – and to help you stay motivated when you’re just not feeling it.

Tools and bonuses galore! Downloads, journals, audios, community events, and more!

You will also get one year of access to:

Confidence Catcher
(Value $9.99)

Confidence Catching Course
(Value $147)

10 WAYS to Move From Fear to Faith
(Value $9.99)

10 Ways to Move From Fear to Faith Course
(Value $247)

Faith Boosting Audios and Visuals
(Value $47)

Fear Shrinking Advice for FIVE areas of life!
(Value $1,491)

Confidence Building Practices!
(Value $7,000)

Confidence Boosting Audios, Wallpapers, & Journal!
(Value $97)

Monthly Be Bold Coaching Sessions! 
(Value $$$ Priceless)

Consistently Confident Calendar that will gamify your transformation!
(Value $40)

Consistently confident mind map!
(Value $20)

Step by step guidance!
($$$ Priceless)

Be Bold Quick Boost Audios!
(Value $50)

THE physical postures and interactive digital journal to fight fear!
(Value $97)

Insight to identify your own brand of confidence.
Ways to shrink your fear.
How to increase your personal power.
Practices to consistently create and build your confidence.
Ways to get and stay confident in all situations.
Community of people bettering themselves like you.
(Priceless $$$)

Valued at over $10,000

Yours for one year for only $1,997 


What people are saying about coaching with Teemaree

“I got an on camera agent!
Much love to you for your support.”

Jen S. 

“You helped me make changes that made me a better person.”

Tyler S. 
Filmmaker, Photographer

Why it’s smart to act now.

  1. The way you want to live, be, and express yourself is waiting, important, and needed. Who else’s chains will you break when you do this for you?

  2. Your life is happening now and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Seizing the day is literally a thing.

  3. This coaching program is being offered at an incredible value right now and I can’t guarantee this low price for long.

Get access to the Be Bold Coaching Program for an entire year for $1,997


Here’s how it works!

When you invest in the “The Be Bold Coaching Program” today (for just $1997) You will get ONE YEAR of access to the exact  EXACT step by step program and methods that helped people around the world live life more boldly along with everything else that I mentioned above. You will receive immediate access to the community, and weekly coaching assignments. You will be led throughout the year through everything listed above and given access to many additional bonuses. All this will happen as soon as you join! Your coaching sessions will happen every monthly, your community access will be available daily, and your coaching assignments will happen weekly. Bonuses will be yours for limitless use! Again and again.

From here, it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and purchase, then we will get started!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I look forward to working with you and seeing your success story unfold! 

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal: 
When you purchase your yearly membership to The Be Bold Coaching Program (for just $1997) I’m going to provide you with weekly assignments, daily community access, and monthly group coaching calls to help you smash fear, build confidence, and be more bold in all areas of your life!

If you want to:

Express yourself more,
Live truer to what feels good to you,
and feel more in charge in your life,
this coaching program is for you!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you’re really being who you want to be and living the way you want?

Join the Be Bold Coaching Program Now

Valued at over $10,000!
Yours for ONE WHOLE YEAR for Only $1,997


Disclaimer –  This program will give you actionable steps to start to be more bold. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of consistent effort and hard work is involved. At the end of the coaching, an opportunity will be offered to continue. For all my detailed disclaimers in full, please click the corresponding links which you can always do before any purchase. It’s all the regular legal jargon and nothing to be intimidated by. I’m just putting this here for complete transparency, to maintain a high standard of integrity, and so you can feel good about this purchase! I truly love helping people and am so excited to work with you! 

We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!
We'll let you know when the program opens again!

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