reiki healing

benefit from reiki from wherever you are.

Hello, I’m Teemaree. I am a Level II Reiki practitioner that provides virtual Reiki sessions for healing, calm, insights, and mental/spiritual support. 

Reiki is an ancient practice that provides energy healing from the practitioner to the participant. 

Find out more about Reiki and book your session below. 

Reiki healing INFORMATION

Reiki is an ancient technique that channels “life force energy” through the hands of the practitioner to provide healing. It is done over distance or in person to provide the recipient  with healing, stress reduction, a path for development, conscious inner work, and/or a life-changing experience.

I provide Reiki healing via Zoom or phone call. 

During a Reiki session, I begin with conversation. You then lie or recline in a position that is most comfortable for you. I then provide the Reiki (life force energy) healing via Zoom or phone as you rest with your eyes closed. After the healing, we converse again and then I end the session. 

The benefits of Reiki healing vary from person to person but can be felt during, immediately after, and even hours or days after a session. Some experiences are emotional release, physical sensations, insights, and relaxation. It has also been used for stress release, toxin release, immune system support, pain relief, mental clarity, focus, acceleration of the body’s self healing abilities, and to compliment medical treatments and other therapies.