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Aspirational female performance artist turned spiritual life coach. If you are wanting to find a spiritual coach or have been seeking a spiritual life coach for hire, look no further. Teemaree combines her artistry, spirituality, and science backed tools to provide her method of “Transformation made easy through joy.” From being a single teenage mother working multiple jobs, to overcoming deep personal traumas, to realizing her dream of being a performer in the entertainment industry, to empowering others as an author, minister, and spiritual life coach. She knows about the potency of personal power mixed with God’s grace.

Her dedication to personal development and service fuels her to share with you what she has proven in her own life and with clients so you can live your best life NOW. Spiritual books to easily change and be powerful. Transformational courses. Aspirational art. Goods that uplift, empower, and transform. It’s all for you. Welcome and receive. 

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