It’s Day 7! Today we continue to notice love around us. How you feel about this exercise can give you a lot of insight. Be sure to notice anything that comes up for you. Especially if you have a negative reaction to noticing loving gestures. Remember, we cannot experience or receive more than we can allow for ourselves. As you go through today’s assignment, notice how you feel without judgement, simply allowing yourself to get information in relation to this particular topic. Being open to noticing and allowing more of this around you, opens you up to experiencing more love in your life. 

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Today’s assignment has two parts. Step 1 – Write down the recent loving gestures you noticed around you. Step 2 – Actively look for loving gestures throughout the day. The loving gestures do not have to be toward you, just allow yourself to be open to noticing loving gestures in general. Bonus points if you make this a regular practice. 


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