Welcome to the Invite God In course. This first step is all about getting acquainted. Each day you will receive an email with the day’s teaching. In addition to what I cover in the video, here are some additional tips:

Do each teaching to the fullest. The videos and teaching may appear to be fast and simple, but do not be mistaken, they are very effective. Engage in each day fully before going on to the next.

Engage fully and easily by using the embedded form. This is the easiest way to engage daily and it allows for you to receive an email with your answers which is a great way for you to reference your insights and breakthroughs. 

Fight against resistance. The moment you come across a teaching you think you know, is not necessary, or you feel you don’t need to do, think again. This is a self directed course and you can choose your level of engagement, but the best success stories come from those who fully engage the whole way. 

Finally, my method is meant to be easier and lighter than traditional teachings. This is done on purpose. So have fun! Allow yourself to entertain the thought of having great changes and realizations come to you easily. 

You have asked and now expect to receive. I’m so glad you’re here. 

– Teemaree

see you tomorrow

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