How to have more good days

Ever think you are going to have a good day and then something happens that totally ruins it? Or have you ever wondered when you will have a good day again because things are just going so bad for so long you just can’t help but wonder? If so, I totally get it. I’ve been there. Which example, you ask? Both. 😩

Introducing my Good Day Practice. It’s a digital product providing a soundtrack that you can use a la carte or together as a practice to ensure a good day. There’s a guided meditation, an affirmation track, and a prayer said in the first person so you can simply listen and receive. 

As a personal development coach and author that also uses the techniques I share, I can tell you that this will help you to keep your mind right which will positively affect your mood, and ultimately your experience. 

It might seem strange to think we can ensure more good days. But we can. I invite you to experience what I and countless others have used to have more good days. The prayer from this practice has been supporting me daily! Have more good days with my Good day Practice.

My name is Teemaree. I’m a personal development coach and author that helps people feel love, gain power, and have success. For more information on me and all I have to offer, please browse my website

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