Welcome! Congratulations on saying yes to your success by choosing this course. I’m so glad you’re here with me. 

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Program Overview:

This 14 day course is designed to help you quickly move from fear into faith. We will go over ways you can be bold in the face of whatever type of fear comes your way. Each day you will be more empowered to rule whatever task you are taking on at the moment and succeed.

How this works:

Each day will have an assignment, a transformation tip, and a power point. I highly recommend you finish each day in its entirety. There are portions of this course that build on previous work. Completing everything in order gives you the greatest chance of getting the maximum results.

What to do daily:

Give yourself the time and place to be present and then follow my lead. Here are the steps :

  • Open your Move From Fear To Faith email.
  • Click through the email into the course day. Experience the course day in the order it is presented starting from the very first item until you complete the day.
  • Answer the questions, do the exercises, and all of the assignments. 

I’m here with you the whole way. Let’s get started.

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