I can tell you right now, it has taken me a long time to be able to admit that things scare me sometimes. For many years, admitting fear just didn’t seem possible. Not only did I not have anyone to admit it to, but I felt I couldn’t ever let myself go there. The fact that you are taking this course shows you truly are fearless. You have already advanced to a place that is aware that things scare you sometimes AND you are at a place that is ready to look fear in the face and let it go. Congratulations!

Today we’re going to look fear in the face with a 5 minute physical challenge. You will need 10 uninterrupted minutes, comfortable clothes, and a space to get into a plank position. If you can’t hold a plank due to physical limitations I have included 3 modifiers including one that is seated. You will see them pictured in the video below. Just show up for this ready to give it your all. While you are trying to hold the position as long as you can, this is not about holding a 5 minute plank. This is about doing something physically challenging and paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that come up for you when it gets uncomfortable.

Pay attention to how you respond to the challenge when it gets tough and what your inner dialogue is. Once you are done with the physical challenge (having gone as long as you personally can go) you will have a chance to write about your experience below. I’m right here with you and will be keeping the time for you. Just press play to begin. Ok? You can do this. Let’s go.

Transformation Tip

Look straight ahead, keep your shoulders from hunching, hold your core and strengthen your back. When it gets hard breathe. Let yourself almost go into a trance of trusting and breathing. Listen to what comes up for you. Do your best, go as long as you can, and you will have succeeded.

Assignment DO

Play Video

Assignment WRITE

Power Point

F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Remember the above statement every time fear comes up and watch how quickly you will feel yourself becoming stronger.

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