There is all kinds of faith but today, I am talking about faith as the ability to believe in yourself, your ability, and in doing greater things than you have before or in doing the great things you used to, again.

For some faith is an even scarier concept than fear itself. I get it. Believing before we see can be challenging at times. It can feel scary, naive, inactive, and/or weak. But having faith is where so much power is. Life changing, goal achieving, record breaking power!! Why? Because when we believe before we see, we end up seeing even better than what we have believed for. 

Being confident means going for things. To go for things, we have to believe they are possible. We need to believe in what we can’t see if we ever expect to do anything we have never done before. 

Today you will need to give yourself some time and space to write the answers to the questions below without interruptions.

Ready? Go. 

Assignment DO

Today as you fill out the form below, allow yourself to remember that you have activated your faith before. Maybe it was as a little kid. Maybe it was as a joke with friends. Maybe it was casually believing in something without feeling too attached. Just allow yourself to remember and write about it below. Realizing that you naturally have this ability is a big step. 

Assignment WRITE

Transformation Tip

Having faith can be easy and fun.

Power Point

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