One of the biggest fear triggers we all have is being vulnerable. Unlike what most of us learned along the way, being vulnerable is NOT a sign of weakness, it is actually a sign of true and total strength. Being able to really let our loved ones in, being honest about what we need to get to the next level, or sharing from the heart when we are creating or launching our next big thing, is only possible when we are vulnerable. For this assignment you will need an open heart, an open mind, and you’ll need to do it all day. Leave the writing portion for when you are completely finished with the doing. I’m right here with you, press play to begin.

Transformation Tip

A great way to look at this is with a giving heart. Think of how much you are giving to yourself and others by sharing these brief intimate moments. Breathe through any fear and go for it!

Assignment DO

Play Video

Assignment WRITE

Power Point

Mentally affirm this and be delighted at the goodness that unfolds!

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