Dealing With Exclusion

This weekend I saw the Ambercrombie and Fitch Documentary that highlighted their highly exclusive system of marketing, hiring, and scheduling. It got me thinking about how we still fight this fight today, and it made me want to share a more powerful way to react to exclusion when it happens.

Being excluded hurts. Yet we still have so much available to us in terms of how to deal with being excluded. During the live broadcast of my radio show turned podcast ALLSWELL Lifestyle, I dove into ways we can handle exclusion from corporations, politicians, and people. Listen or watch to discover ways you can act or think when someone or something tries to exclude you.


To feel better now and create a true, lasting change. We can:
Choose our thoughts
Care less
Remember our personal power
Give attention to those that do value us

If you would like help with this contact me for coaching.

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