Get more results. In less time. Enjoy life more.

In the 25+ years, I’ve been personally overcoming challenges and helping others do the same, I’ve realized many winning strategies, developed my own method of transformation, and proven I can make a difference. If you choose to coach with me I will be committed to your success, providing you with a holistic approach, and tailoring my method to your specific needs. 

Are you interested in leveling up an area of your life?
Have your efforts to change been stalled or derailed? 
Are you feeling tired or burnt out by the way things are right now? 
Do you wish you had someone that understood your goals and supported your success? 
Would you like help with your next steps? 
Would identifying what’s stopping or slowing you down be helpful? 
Does developing a plan for your success sound good to you?

Coaching with me will help you gain clarity, maximize your time, develop a system, identify was isn’t working, and let go of what’s stopping you.

Here’s how it works. You book your session here. We meet via Zoom. Our session leads to breakthroughs, insights, and action plans. You begin to experience more of what you want.

Here’s what people are saying about my method…

A little about me. Making transformation as easy as possible, overcoming our challenges, and living our best life is my calling. I started out with myself, helped friends and family, then went on to “make it official” as a coach, author, and business owner in 2015. I’m passionate about this because there were many times in my life I needed help and didn’t get it. I know what it feels like to lose time, money, and opportunities. I know what it feels like to feel lonely while making changes and I don’t want anyone else to go through this if they don’t have to. My knowledge comes from faith, science, nutritional and fitness teachings, along with wisdom gained on the street. I look at things holistically and only share what I’ve personally proven in my and my clients’ lives. 

Need more? I get it. You being here means you’re ready for a coach and I know choosing can be overwhelming. I want to make sure you get what you need and feel comfortable with me. Please click the button below to continue the conversation that is most important to you .

session details

How will we meet for sessions?
We will meet one one one via Zoom. Don’t worry about being on camera, you do not have to have the video on you unless you want to.

When will we meet for sessions?
We will meet on the day and time you choose when you purchase your session. As soon as you complete your purchase I will receive that information and confirm our appointment.

How long will our sessions be?
Each of our sessions will be 30 minutes.

What will I need for sessions with you?
Internet connection. An open heart. An open mind. An ability to speak about what you want/what is in the way.

What if I can’t make a session?
Our sessions are expected to be honored without rescheduling.
Here’s the fine print: Because things do come up, if you reschedule 48 hours before your session time, you do not lose that session. Please note. A session can only be rescheduled once. Sessions that are missed without the 48 hour warning can not be rescheduled.

What will we do each session?
We will talk. I will provide you with a customized exercise, information, or resources, to help you succeed at your goal. Each session is tailored to your evolving goal and breakthroughs.

Do you provide refunds and discounts?
Here’s the fine print: My goal is for you to be taken care of. If I discover I cannot be of service to you, I will let you know immediately, provide you with a referral if I have it, and a partial refund. If for some reason I cannot fulfill my coaching sessions with you, I will provide you with a full refund. *Partial refund in these very special/rare circumstances is based on what is left of your investment. *Inability means unable to fulfill coaching sessions and does not cover rescheduling.


  • Get you where you want to be faster.
  • Keep you in your peak zone longer.
  • Identify what you can’t see.
  • Get rid of what is in the way.
  • Keep you focused and on task.
  • Stay motivated. 
  • Prevent being stopped. 
  • Develop and receive winning strategies.
  • Develop and receive tools for success. 
  • Prepare for and deal with changes.
  • Gain clarity.
  • Become more effective.
  • Have better relationships.
  • Have more money.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Increase your health and wellness. 
  • Achieve your spiritual goals and/or ignite your faith. 
  • Have and be what you want much faster and easier than doing it alone. 

Sometimes cost is an issue. It can feel weird to pay for a “talk” or “session” with a coach. I understand. The value of coaching is immeasurable, let’s put it into perspective this way:

Ever bought a massage, a fancy set of fingernails, or a dinner out for two? All of these are normal and feel good. But none of these provide the time savings, clarity, and long-term results of a coaching session. 

There is something that brought you to this coaching page. How much value would you get from having that resolved?


I’m Teemaree and I’m passionate about helping people live their best life as quickly and as easily as possible. 


These are some of the titles I hold today but really for me, it’s all about taking everything I’ve learned and being in service.

My start.

Without resources or support, I needed to create a life I wanted out of nothing. I had experienced abandonment from my parents, abuse, the death of a child, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and I’d become a single teenage mother to two children. I wanted to break myself free from the mental, physical, financial, and emotional limitations I was experiencing. I had a lot to overcome. When I did, I started helping my family and those closest to me. I considered helping people a personal joy and professionally kept pursuing my childhood dream of being in the entertainment industry. As I started to achieve my childhood dream, I realized that sharing what I had learned and proven in the personal development, wellness, and spiritual areas of life was my calling.  I then switched careers. 

Putting my calling to work.

In 2015 after, 20+ years of studying, implementing, and coaching personal development and spiritual techniques, I started my personal development business. I’ve had the great joy of developing and sharing my method of transformation made easy through joy™ with clients via:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Empowerment products
  • Workshops
  • Books
  • Writing for various spiritual and personal development publications
  • Podcasts
  • Radio

I use my arts, science, spiritual, and personal development knowledge into empowering others with everything I do.


These days I offer transformational coaching, courses, and empowerment products for the mind, home, and body. I also founded ALLSWELL Lifestyle an online shop, church, and retreat center. My method of “Transformation made easy through joy”™️ is infused in everything I offer. What you can expect is the achievement of your desired goals easily and with lasting results, even when you have a lot going on.

One of the things I’m proudest of?

Paying it forward. A portion of all profit goes toward providing microloans to women in third world countries that are creating positive changes for themselves, their families, and their communities.


I’m happily married and love spending time with my husband Tony. I love to travel. I’m always learning something new about spirituality, wellness, and personal development. Simple things that bring me joy are morning cups of coffee, exercise, long hot showers, and music.