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where are you going? you're so close.

It can be so scary to invest in yourself like this. If you are new to coaching, or if you have never invested money on yourself like this before, I get that these types of new steps can be almost terrifying. 

Let's walk through your concerns together...

  • What if I don’t get anything from this? While this is an understandable question, it is highly unlikely that you will not get anything from our time together. Coaching will most definitely yield you results. You will learn new things, have breakthroughs, and be able to relate on a level that you have not been able to before in regards to your dreams, goals, and challenges. 
  • What if I can’t make the sessions? You can, will, and already have made the time for the things you want in life. Like any other thing you have decided to make important in your life, you can and will show up for this. You have it in you, if you are ready to up your game.
  • What about the cost? Investing in ourselves can feel really strange. No matter what the cost. If this is coming from a feeling of worthiness, then our work can begin right now. Saying yes to you, is saying you are worth it. If this is a question about the actual cost, you can rest assured you are investing wisely and feel smart too because at this price you are getting a limited edition, very successful, very powerful coaching package at a HUGE discount! 50%! Literally half off.
  • How will I get the money for this? This is a very personal and sensitive question for us all. Each person and household is different. I believe in being financially responsible and I also know that this question is (not only in my personal past but with my clients) almost always based on fear and not fiscal reality. 
  • Is Teemaree for real? Yes. I live and breathe and use what I teach every single day. I only share what I have proven to be successful in my life and the lives of my clients. I continue to learn, seek, and refine so you will never be given outdated information, tools, or methods. I love being of service this way so much I have sacrificed for it and continue to find ways to make myself available for this wonderful work of helping you live your best life now. I am devoted to bringing love, light, tools, learning, and empowerment to those that seek me. If that is you, then when we work together, it means I will be devoted to you. Your goals. Your success. 


you're so close.

Your initial interest was for a reason. You are worth the investment. Your success awaits.


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Upon receiving this from you, I will send you a message to prepare for our first session. 

I can’t wait to work with you and help you Live Your Best Life Now.

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