Being #UNBREAKABLE with Tony Jacobsen

Yesterday was very special because was my husband’s birthday and I was also able to introduce him to you on my ALLSWELL Lifestyle show. Tony is an author, DJ, motivational speaker, founder of The Tony Jacobsen Foundation and leader of the #UNBREAKABLE movement! What started as him needing to motivate himself to move and be healthy, turned into deep self-acceptance which then spawned advocacy and the creation of resources for those who also experience the rare disability that he has. Resources you too can benefit from. 🎉

Discover his inspirational story along with resources that can help you feel and live an #UNBREAKABLE life.

Listen to the podcast.

Or watch the video below.

I’m Teemaree. I make transformation easy with products, practices, and coaching. This is ALLSWELL Lifestyle, my radio show turned podcast focused on providing you with ways to feel good and be empowered. Tony was my very first guest! I m so happy to introduce you. Be sure to enjoy the resources we mentioned: Disable Your Disability bookO.I. Life Channel #UNBREAKABLE BODY adaptive fitness platformThe #UNBREAKABLE MixshowThe Tony Jacobsen and my website- Enjoy information, resources, and inspiration like this? Please subscribe to my email list.

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