#Teeriffic- How Laziness Could Help You

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Laziness? Help Me? I know, I know. No one is talking about this. Most of the time when we feel or dare to talk to anyone about feeling lazy we expect to be berated. And we are. There is just no tolerance for being or feeling lazy. Right? How many times have you been hard on yourself because you feel really tired, sluggish, or just don’t seem to be able to do what you thought you could or really wanted to? I’m here to tell you that laziness might actually be really helpful to you if you pay attention to it instead of talking down to it. Here’s how I figured this out.


Two years ago I was in the shape of my life. I was dong hard core workouts, boot camps, mud runs, and I was loving it! I enjoy being physically active and was finally supported in doing these things. My husband began to undergo a physical transformation so I had a partner!! I was very happy and very fit.


Then I began to focus on other things and I started to do less and less physical activity. I was doing a lot of studying and writing so I didn’t think too much of it because I was coming from a peak place physically and was healthy. After some time, being physical came to mind again. The sheer thought of it did not excite me at all. I had never felt like this before. I was actually turned off at the thought of working out. “Oh well,” I thought, “it’ll come back.” Then I tried to work out and had the worst experience of my life. Just barely in the warm up I wanted to quit. I felt tired and sluggish. I did the workout and felt sick afterward. I could hardly breathe. “Did I not eat right? Is this because I worked out in the afternoon instead of the morning?” This really scared me. I had never experienced anything like this before.



If you watched the video you could see I intended to push through my feelings and keep working out. I filmed the video because I had intended to document myself doing a P90X 90 day challenge but I didn’t work out again after that. I tried twice and couldn’t. It made me feel really bad. I thought I was just getting lazy. I certainly felt lazier. I preferred staying in instead of going out at nights. My desire for vegetables which I love declined and I found myself wanting more comfort foods. I wasn’t very active anymore at all. I didn’t feel like walking so I’d ask to take the car places and then I had a sign I just couldn’t brush off.


While at my in-laws, I ran up the stairs to get something and I could hear my heart beat in my ears. I felt winded like I had to work really hard to catch my breath. I told my husband about it and when it happened again at another visit to their house, I told my mother-in-law about it. She happens to be a registered nurse and told me that I was probably low in hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout my body. She asked me more questions and told me I was probably low in iron too. This talk, made me get serious about booking my physical for the year which I had access to because of my insurance for free but just wasn’t doing because I had “other things to do” and didn’t think of myself as needing it.


When I went to the Dr, it turns out I was very low in Iron and Hemoglobin. The “laziness” that I was experiencing was my body’s way of telling me it needed serious attention! And not in the way of me simply berating it to get to work, but in the way that involved loving care by way of iron supplements, vegetables, and seeing the Dr. to understand what was going on!






I have since been taking my Iron supplements and am no longer feeling that winded, tired, heartbeat in my eardrums feeling. I have gone back to working out and while yes, there is a little ramping up involved to be where I used to be, on the scale of 1- 100 I’m at about an 80 starting off instead of the 40 I was feeling before finding out was was wrong and fixing it. Big difference!!


If you are feeling really lazy, not wanting to do things you once did, not able to do things you once did, please take a deeper look into it. This is a way of your body communicating with you. Perhaps you are really sad, really stressed, low in Iron or some other important nutrient, or simply just tired! Whatever your reason is, you need special care and attention. Please give it to yourself, you deserve it.





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17 Responses

  1. Joyce Hansen

    Great wake-up call. I was wondering if my tiredness was due to low iron. Will be checking it out. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Teemaree

      I’m so glad you will be checking into it Joyce, cheers to your good health.

  2. Joan Potter

    Teemaree – So glad you’re feeling better. I’ve been there. That low-hemoglobin, knuckles-on-the-ground feeling is awful!

    • Teemaree

      You are so right Joan! My goodness, that was really scary. Thank you for commenting, have a great day.

  3. Joan M Harrington

    So glad you found a good solution that works for you Teemaree 🙂 Thanks for sharing this information so more may know how to deal with the same issue 🙂

    • Teemaree

      Aw thanks Joan, I really appreciate your interaction here. And all that positive energy 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  4. Lisa Swanson

    Very important post Teemaree, something similar happened to a client of mine who was preparing for a fitness competition. She started taking iron and what an amazing turn around. Sometimes you need to find a solution not just “push through it”

  5. Jackie Harder

    Way to listen to your body! Good to hear you got the right advice from your mother-in-law and you’re feeling better. And I bet you feel better mentally, too, knowing you’re taking good care of yourself. Excellent!

  6. Susan Mary Malone

    That’s a powerful story, Teemaree. Our bodies are such wonderful vehicles, and forgive so much of what we do to them. And they always tell us what’s going on, if we but listen.
    So glad you did!

  7. Beth Niebuhr

    You’re not really lazy, which is a word that implies something bad. You just had symptoms which fortunately led you to finding out what was wrong. I’m glad that your story has a happy ending. Thank you for sharing so that others will check out why they aren’t feeling up to par.

  8. Sabrina Quairoli

    That’s great that you found out what was going on. For me, veggies and calcium is so important. I do blood work each year so I can see what is going on. It works for me. My doctor does a lot of different blood test and I have been tracking it for years.

    • Teemaree

      You know, I have started being really diligent about my labs for this reason. Sometimes my Dr. is like why do you want that? 😀 It’s so worth it though isn’t it?

  9. Teresa Salhi

    I too have experienced what you have shared about being a fitness buff and then got away from it for awhile. Also, when starting again…feel such a lack of interest, energy, etc. Your tips are great and will be very helpful for anyone who are beating themselves up for being… “lazy.”

  10. Tamuria

    It’s so important, as you have highlighted, to really listen to your body and seek help if you don’t understand why something is different. It is great you were able to find a diagnosis and solution to help instead of beating yourself up for being lazy.

  11. Kristen Wilson

    Wow.. that is crazy… and on a completely different note.. I feel ya.. I NEVER WANT to work out.. but do so I can enjoy the food that I eat a little more than typical.. sucks..but part of life. Well, back to your story, glad you were able to figure out a little more about what’s going on with you.

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