#Teeriffic – Female Empowerment

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Harassment comes in many forms and it can be really damaging. The most offhanded throwaway remark by someone can leave us questioning and in doubt for the rest of the day if not for years to come. An unexpected advance or sex driven comment can do everything from flatter, to annoy, embarrass, anger, offend us, and more. The truth is it is coming from all angles. From political conversations on the nightly news, to everyday situations, I think we can all agree that harassing comments and actions are everywhere.


So what are we to do?


I had something crazy happen to me recently and I decided to write about it. Quite frankly, it flew right out of me and I knew right away I would share it live in front of an audience. There happens to be a wonderful venue that welcomes story tellers on Wednesday nights called Story Salon. So, I booked myself to speak there and let ‘er rip.


I couldn’t believe how nervous I was before getting on stage. How would people respond? What would they think? Well, they responded like this. Watch the video here:




No matter how people may respond to us, It’s important for us to speak out about sexual harassment. Doing so allows us to free ourselves from the event and the associated feelings. What would you say to the person who offended you or to the rest of us to finally feel free?






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