Discussing Marriage and Love With My Husband – I Think I Love You Podcast

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Carlos Jimenez also known as Loverboy Los is on a mission to decode all things surrounding love, relationships, and dating. His podcast “I Think I Love You” is a direct reflection of who he is, an honest, thoughtful, funny, and … Continued

How NOT to Network

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Networking. It’s a big deal. Everyone is talking about it. There are seminars, workshops, blogs, and podcasts. People are saying “network, network. Your wasting opportunities and time if you don’t network.” Here’s the thing. Networking is just a label that … Continued

New Video Series! “Praying Without Ceasing”

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I’ve created a 5 part video series about praying Without Ceasing after realizing that my life was changing rapidly for the better the more I turned myself over to divine wisdom and stopped trying to do the heavy lifting. I … Continued