How to Battle Loneliness In Faith

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Emotional. Been feeling nit picky and filled with judgements lately. I can see it in myself. It’s like the real me is watching as another part of me wants to criticize and complain. I indulged a little two days ago … Continued

Sabbath Worship For Everyone

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It’s Saturday! The seventh day of the week also known as the Sabbath day in the Bible. The day marked by God for all of mankind to rest. A time for us to replenish and to refocus by honoring, praising, worship, time spent … Continued

New Video Series! “Praying Without Ceasing”

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I’ve created a 5 part video series about praying Without Ceasing after realizing that my life was changing rapidly for the better the more I turned myself over to divine wisdom and stopped trying to do the heavy lifting. I … Continued