How NOT to Network

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Networking. It’s a big deal. Everyone is talking about it. There are seminars, workshops, blogs, and podcasts. People are saying “network, network. Your wasting opportunities and time if you don’t network.” Here’s the thing. Networking is just a label that … Continued

#Teeriffic – Female Empowerment

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Harassment comes in many forms and it can be really damaging. The most offhanded throwaway remark by someone can leave us questioning and in doubt for the rest of the day if not for years to come. An unexpected advance or … Continued

Sabbath Worship For Everyone

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It’s Saturday! The seventh day of the week also known as the Sabbath day in the Bible. The day marked by God for all of mankind to rest. A time for us to replenish and to refocus by honoring, praising, worship, time spent … Continued

New Video Series! “Praying Without Ceasing”

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I’ve created a 5 part video series about praying Without Ceasing after realizing that my life was changing rapidly for the better the more I turned myself over to divine wisdom and stopped trying to do the heavy lifting. I … Continued

#Teeriffic – 30 Day Self Love Challenge

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Sep 14, 2015 – October 13, 2015: The 30 Day Self Love Challenge Living our best lives now certainly includes loving ourselves enough to provide ourselves with care, letting go of old thoughts that no longer serve, making decisions rooted in what … Continued