#Teeriffic-The Power of a Writing Group

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Camaraderie. Inspiration. Support.

I love and respect my fellow writers. ✒️ We started with an open door policy and people that would come in and out. There were also some members that came regularly who still did not truly fit. The magic that is the four of us in this picture is, we have all stood the test of time, stayed honest, stayed committed to progress, and stayed truly supportive of one another.

Does it take some time to find a writing partner or group to truly gel with? Yes. However, nothing can be accomplished without starting so if you are interested in finding a partner or group some tips that may help are:


Start listening for who is a writer in your current network. What I have found is by setting the intention to find this, conversations and referrals will start to come up.
Meet with said person or group.
Be open to really hear, and share.
Be clear about your goals and limits.
If the chemistry is there great!
If there is no chemistry, if support, or information exchange, move on.


Before long, you will have a partner or group that is in alignment with your goals for success as a writer and you will be able to be of service as well which makes a wonderful experience for all.




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