Discussing Marriage and Love With My Husband – I Think I Love You Podcast

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Carlos Jimenez also known as Loverboy Los is on a mission to decode all things surrounding love, relationships, and dating. His podcast “I Think I Love You” is a direct reflection of who he is, an honest, thoughtful, funny, and … Continued

Guesting on the True Beauty Revealed Podcast

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Spiritual midwife, Reiki master, and entrepreneur Natasha Lee invited me on to her True Beauty Revealed podcast to discuss coaching, empowerment, and my book Love For You Now. This soulful and loving conversation is now available on iTunes. Take a … Continued

Visualization, Meditation, & Overcoming Obstacles in Thailand

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Teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur Arsenio Buck invited me on to his Thailand based podcast the Arsenio Buck Show to discuss visualization, meditation, overcoming obstacles, and more. His fun filled, vibrant energy and passion made this such a fun time. We … Continued

Men: How To Not Keep Emotions Inside and Ask For Help

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I had the great honor of being interviewed on Ted X speaker and author Tommy Maloney’s product “Blending The Family.” We discussed many things like how to avoid keeping emotions inside, why men shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help, … Continued

Inspiring Lives In Africa

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How humbling to be a part of the movement being spearheaded by RGN Media to inspire lives in Africa. When they reached out to me to contribute to their website I was so happy to do so. What resulted was … Continued

Teemaree Talks Enlightenment on B-Now Podcast

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Getting to speak to Cynthia and Jeanie over at the Texas based “B-Now” (Beautiful Network of Women) podcast was a real treat. When I was asked to speak, I was thrilled to be included in their line up of spiritual … Continued

Teemaree Talks Abandonment & Molestation on Pink Productions Web Feature

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When Bri’Ann Stephens invited me to be featured on her Pink Productions website, I was honored. Bri’Ann and her website are dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. I was really happy to have such a deep heart to heart with … Continued

Teemaree Talks Meditation in Interview on On Finding Peace Podcast

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It was wonderful to speak with Maryland based coach and counselor Chris Shea about meditation, various practices, benefits, and more. Join in the laughs, fun, and peace by checking out Chris Shea’s “On Finding Peace” podcast conversation with me about … Continued