Having lived most of my life totally opposite than most around me, I often felt lonely, loveless, weird, different. When young kids were carefree, I was rushing home alone from elementary school to take care of myself, my brothers, and sometimes even my parents. Later on as a teenager of 15, I became pregnant with my first child. In my late teens and early twenties, I was working multiple jobs, raising my kids alone, and seeking whatever higher education I could. There were many loveless times in which I experienced abandonment, drug addiction, loneliness, isolation, and abuse. Amidst all this, I was also searching…..searching for love, searching for truth. Acceptance, comfort, luxury, beauty. Everlasting joy. You see, I have always believed in something greater. Something more. Something better. I always believed I could be more and do more. But how?

The quest to answer that question has caused me to gain many answers. I now live, share, and teach the following truths:

We are deeply loved.
Anything is possible.
We can all live our best lives NOW.

My “Live Your Best Life Now” message can be found in books, articles, blog posts, on social media, in recommendations, reviews, and more.


  • Love For You Now is a full-color picture book with affirmations that show, feel, and express love. Increase your quality and experience of love with beautiful photos and powerful statements that can be used four different ways to easily usher more love into your life. Join in this experience, order the book now! Buy Now

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Pixels of Social ConsciousnessArt4Good – Inspiring ChangeGiving Daily, and Daily Random Acts of Kindness advocating for giving based on my passion for philanthropy.

My Live Your Best Life Now message covers topics in Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Practical ways. The tools I provide help you overcome obstacles, achieve great results, and experience the fullness of life quickly. This covers both business and personal applications.

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