I am an Actor, Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, and Author.  

My message and motto?

Live your best life now.


Often times I felt really different. As a kid, I was a loner. At the tender age of 9, I was responsible for myself in many ways, taking care of many of my own basic needs and my brothers as well. At 10, I was the “woman of the house” because my mother divorced my father and moved to another country. Because of these things and many others, I knew a lot of people but never really became too close with anyone. It perfectly mirrored my family life growing up. I also seemed to always be unpopular. Meaning, I never seemed to be “on trend.” It’s like my life has been a series of opposite days. Whether it was being the voice of reason and caregiver in my home starting from the age of 9, to becoming a mother of my first child at 15 years old, I was always in a whole other section of life than my peers. There have been great depths, darkness, and sometimes despair. Some of the things I’ve gone through are:

• Abandonment as a child.
• Molestation.
• Many years as a single mother of 2, working multiple jobs, studying, & chasing my dream of being an entertainer.
• The death of my son after a very difficult pregnancy and labor that almost cost me my life.
• A drug habit that I later kicked with the help of the 12 step program.
• Marriage to a physically abusive man.
• Becoming a divorcee in my early twenties.
• Alcohol abuse.
• Issues with self-acceptance, sexuality.
Now, I’m still totally opposite than my peers. They are just starting their marriages and family lives. My kids, Andrea and Christian, are grown and no longer live with us. I’m already an empty nester!!!!




I’m also professionally satisfied, in love with my life’s expression, happily married to my soulmate and best friend Tony, and continuing to expand and grow!!



I always sensed something greater. A greater idea of myself, an expectation of a greater experience I could have. A very strong belief in something more. As a young girl, I began to seek answers to life’s big questions. This seeking has led me to a number of groups, beliefs, and religions. Some of them include; Catholicism, Jehovah Witnesses, Buddhism, Christianity, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Hinduism, New Thought, and Science of Mind. I respect all people and their faiths. I truly believe that all paths lead to one. I love God, believe in Jesus, and practice affirmative prayer. My studies continue in both Science of Mind and Christian philosophies. My focus is on relationship with the Divine. Religion, not so much.

This includes the practice of philanthropy for me. I delight in business that creates win win situations for all involved. I believe in giving back to people, communities, and the environment while generating profit.


Live Your Best Life Now.



No matter where, what, or how we are at our starting point, what we dream of, we can achieve. I provide insights, tips, and methods for those who long for something more in their lives and for those who believe the same but are looking for someone who sees them and understands.

As a cheerleader of the human spirit, I am focused on love, growth, and joy for all. As a writer and a speaker, I focus on content that is uplifting and empowering while being practical and transformative! I speak honestly about my experiences and provide solutions that I have personally experienced as effective. One on one, intimate groups, and large masses, have all been a joy to work with.


I love life and am aimed at living life to the fullest. I love travel, fitness, thrills, nature, healthy eating, and the continued study of spiritual concepts aimed at enlightenment. I enjoy pushing my physical and mental boundaries along with my limits by taking on physical challenges, learning new things, and traveling to exotic locations.


  1. I LOVE to travel!
  2. I love thrills and action.
  3. I don’t like being cold, seemingly inconsiderate people, or really strong cologne and perfume.
  4. I’ve toured in a helicopter 3 times and want to take the “extreme” tour next because they leave the doors off.
  5. I pray and journal every day.
  6. I like things really clean. It makes me feel free and luxurious.
  7. White is my favorite color.
  8. I love beautiful views which makes me constantly leave drapes and blinds open.
  9. I constantly marvel at nature and it’s beauty.
  10. I really love studying and embodying spiritual concepts.
  11. I never give advice I haven’t tested and proven.
  12. Pandora is my favorite way to listen to music.
  13. Water is what I drink the most.
  14. I’ve quit coffee three times but always come back.
  15. I’m a hands up, front row, roller coaster rider.
  16. I can be very outgoing and very private. I need both modes to feel good.
  17. I’ve recently joined the tiny living movement and I love it!!
  18. My newest food addiction? Pomegranate seeds by the cup.
  19. My fave techie gadgets? My iPhone 6, FitBit HR, and my Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones.
  20. I’ve jumped out of a plane, done a mud run, swam in a sinkhole, and gone zip lining. What’s next!?!


I’ve had the great joy of experiencing my childhood dreams realized. Experiencing many different facets of life still thrills me and I am still represented for television and film. Some of my experiences have been:

  • As a Television and Film Actress
  • As a Model in print on magazine covers, in various campaigns, & doing promotions for companies such as Victoria Secret, Audi, and Monster to name a few.
  • As an International DJ for Johnnie Walker, the Rose Bowl, alongside live guitarists and drummers, as well as a wide variety of corporate and other high-end events. I also DJ’ed on TV shows.
  • As a Dancer for KIIS FM, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, SBE and many others as well as on television for HBO, E!, Descontrol, and Studio 2
  • As a Recording Artist of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop duo Dynamite Jive
  • As a Voice Over Artist for commercials and films including Rest Stop 2
  • As a Television Host in various shows including E! News Now


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